Turn Based Time Loops Launch In Stars and Time


Adrienne Bazir (insertdisc5) and publisher Armor Games Studios just launched an intriguing new indie time looping title, In Stars and Time.

Available now across PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 a brand new time twisting RPG is ready to start from the end. Inviting players to take up arms at the end of an epic quest, this brand-new take on RPG traditions is set to end the heroes of this story back to the start of it all.

After overcoming a tyrannical king who has been slowly freezing the land in time, a heroic band are plunged back to the beginning of their struggle. Friends Mirabelle, Isabeau, Odile, and Bonnie are forced to take on the same conversations, puzzles, and battles as before. Only pun-master protagonist Siffrin is the only one aware of the time-loop, and that means each loop grants Siffrin a new perspective on things. Each encounter reveals new choices and solutions to potential problems. Explore, pick rock instead of paper, and woo a new love each time you tackle this devious king and free the world.

In Stars and Time take the traditional RPG, adds a gorgeous monochrome mood to a gorgeous and deliberate nod to top-down classics. If nothing else, it stands out among recent releases and that’s enough reason for us to head over to the official website and check out more about this new RPG.

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