Twin Mirror Makes It Onto Steam Today

Twin Mirror, the narrative adventure from Dontnod, is coming to Steam today.

After an initial PC launch via Epic Games, Twin Mirror arrives on Steam today. Players looking to pick up the narrative adventure from the studio behind Life is Strange can expect to grab this psychological detective story at a bargain price when it migrates. Even better, players can pick up the PC version of Twin Mirror at 50% off during a two week launch window.

If you didn’t catch the previous release of Twin Mirror across console and Epic Store, then this tale follows Sam Higgs. As a big city journalist, Sam left his hometown, and everyone he knows, behind two years ago. Twin Mirror picks up with Sam on his way back to this isolated locale upon the death of his best friend Nick. Unfortunately, this also forces him to confront the town’s troubled past. With his own murky backstory tied to the town of Basswood, Sam becomes drawn into a web of intrigue that many residents would rather forget exists.

Twin Mirror differentiates itself from other narrative adventures with a unique Mind Palace mechanic, where players can work their way through Sam’s memories, reconstruct events, uncover clues, and unlock the puzzles that are put before them. This innovative set of puzzle systems also introduce a manifestation of Sam’s more empathic side, guiding gamers through social interactions and helping him navigate a society that sometimes rejects singularity.

With each interaction Sam has influencing the reaction of residents and the overall outcomes of this tale, Twin Mirror sets itself apart from Dontnod’s other story driven adventures. You can find out more on the official Steam Store page now, or check out our earlier review.

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