Twin Mirror Xbox and PS4 Pre Orders Prepare For December Launch

twin mirror xbox ps4 pre order

Twin Mirror, DONTNOD’s very first self-published title, has opened up pre-orders on Xbox One and PS4.

Due to load onto Xbox One and Playstation 4 and PC on 1 December, Twin Mirror is the very first self published title by Dontnod. After bringing us the utterly brilliant Life is Strange, this French studio and partner Shibuya Productions are both set to plunge players into a brand new narrative adventure that mixes a thrilling personal mystery with a brand new way to solve puzzles.

At the start of December, players can slip into the role of Sam Higgs and begin their journey back to the small town of Basswood. As a former investigative journalist, it doesn’t take long for Sam to realise something is amiss and nobody quite wants to help him get to the truth. From here, things progress as Sam faces drastic choices with major implications regarding how the events will unfold. Who to listen to? Who to trust?

What seems to be unique about this adventure, is the way Twin Mirror presents Sam’s analytical skills. Pushing players into a Mind Palace, a space in Sam’s psyche, payers can discover multiple aspects of Sam’s personality and take time to piece together the mystery before them. The Mind palace might look a lot like a crystal maze but this acts as a safe space for players to put together the pieces and visit Sam’s past, allowing anybody with a clue to stitch together the parts of the puzzle that aren’t immediately clear.

Blending this new investigative approach with Dontnod’s well established narrative method makeTwin Mirror a compelling purchase. If you are looking to grab it before 1st December then you can drop over to the Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, or Playstation store now to ensure that you are first on the trail of whatever Basswood is hiding.

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