Watchdogs 2 Invites You to a Showdown in Free Multiplayer DLC

Watchdogs 2

Watchdogs 2 fans will be happy to hear that a free multiplayer DLC is now out and about. Called “Showdown”, the DLC was originally planned for a paid DLC coming in April. Lucky for us, devs have seen reason and are giving it away.

Watchdogs 2 Showdown DLC

Showdown offers players some groovy new outfits that can enhance abilities. In addition, players gain access to new vehicles, “non-lethal” weapons (IS there such a thing? O.o ) as well as time tries for single players.

There are also three new competitive matches:

  • Steal the HDD
  • Doomload (king of the hill type)
  • Erase/Protect the Servers (domination)

According to devs, players had been asking for more multiplayer content and rather than have them wait, made the decision to bring Showdown out on its own.

Showdown was originally part of the No Compomise DLC that comes out April 18th for PS4 and May 18th for PC and XBox One.

Read the announcement on the Ubiblog.

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