World of Warcraft – New Customization for Blood & Void Elves

World of Warcraft - New Customization for Blood & Void Elves

The developers from Blizzard previewed some of the customization options coming to Void Elves of the Alliance and Blood Elves of the Horde in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion.

Both races will receive access to various shades of blue eyes. Additionally, Blood Elves will have the option to choose from a variety of new skin colors and Void Elves will inherit the skin color options that are available to Blood Elves.

Additionally, Blizzard announced Shadowlands reveal event taking place on Tuesday, June 9 at 9:00 a.m. PDT:

Catch up with World of Warcraft Executive Producer John Hight and Game Director Ion Hazzikostas. They’ll share more about the upcoming Shadowlands expansion with a look at some of the newest content in development.

Where: World of Warcraft Twitch and YouTube

When: Tuesday, June 9 at 9:00 a.m. PDT

Shadowlands will launch in Q4 2020.


With a single act of destruction, Sylvanas Windrunner has ripped open the way to the afterlife. Azeroth’s staunchest defenders have been dragged into all-consuming darkness. An ancient force of death threatens to break its bonds and unravel reality.

Hidden realms of wonder and horror await any who would pass to the other side. The Shadowlands is home to an entire realm of the departed; it is a world between worlds whose delicate balance preserves life and death itself. As one of Azeroth’s greatest champions, you have been granted the power to cross over in body and soul. Now you must investigate a conspiracy to unmake the cosmos, and help Warcraft legends journey back… or fulfill their ultimate destiny.

Check out the official site to find out more.

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