Quick Hit Reviews

Cryptark Review

Cryptark One Hour Review

Drifting through the frozen annals of the cosmos, the twisted wreckage of adventures long forgotten stand as a monument and an opportunity for the brave. These monolithic space hulks would continue to...


Jack Nicklaus Would Be Proud – The Golf Club 2 is a Hit

The Golf Club 2 is a brilliant, beautiful game that brings some new features and mechanics to the genre. Jack Nicklaus would find a lot to love about this game and even he would be challenged. I had t...

Serious Sam's Bogus Detour

One Hour With Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour

Croteam and Devlover Digital continue to ensure that Serious Sam is still blasting away at beheaded kamikazes in the latest side installment of the series in  Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour. This is our O...

Portal Knights is a Refreshing Surprising Open Sandbox RPG

Sometimes games surprise you and Portal Knights is an open sandbox RPG that packs more than just a little punch. The game has heart and takes you off on simple adventures through an ever-changing voxe...

holobunnies:pause cafe review

Holobunnies: Pause Cafe Review – IRL Yelling and Excitement May Occur

Holobunnies: Pause Cafe is a retro arcade game that serves up a small bundle of minigames made to be played with friends. Holobunnies thrives at being one of those games that’s made for local multipla...

Battlefield 1 - they shall not pass

Battlefield 1 – They Shall Not Pass is a Glorious First DLC

They Shall Not Pass has a lot to prove. As the first of four planned expansions for Battlefield 1, this DLC carries the weight of its Season Pass on its shoulders. It’s the standard setter. After spen...

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