Author: Johnathan Irwin

A gamer to the bone almost as long as I've been alive, putting my passion for gaming to use through my writing.

Children of Zodiarcs review

Our Review of Children of Zodiarcs

We don’t see them around as much anymore, but tactical RPGs are still alive and well; just far fewer in number. Every couple years, I still go back and play Final Fantasy Tactics or the original...

Serial Cleaner

Our Serial Cleaner Review

You know, as much as I would love for it to be so, writing about video games is not my day job. It’s a volunteered labor of love, and I sink my heart and soul into it. But the fact is, the thing...

Aven Colony

Aven Colony is Much More Than SimCity in Space

People have been saying it for months, Aven Colony is SimCity but in space. While that is true, it’s also an unfair blanket statement. It makes it sound as though it is a clone with an extraterr...

Conarium Review

Conarium Review

Lovecraftian style media is hard to pull off right. So many creators of books, movies, and most guilty of all video games tend to mistake the term “Lovecraftian” as horror with confusing r...

8 Great
LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover Review

LEGO games normally aren’t my thing. They’re fun in short doses, but normally in my experience when I gave them a chance, I was quick to pass them onto my younger nieces and nephews. IR...

7.5 Good
this is the police review

This is the Police Review

This game isn’t a ‘feel good’ episode of COPS. It’s not an action packed walk in the shoes of a hardboiled Max Payne, nor is it the humor of Lethal Weapon’s Riggs and Mur...

7.5 Good
Beat Cop

Beat Cop Review

Brooklyn, New York. The 1986. Cocaine fell like snow, outfits were offensively vibrant, and the city’s underbelly would inspire drama, action, and romanticism of both police and criminals for ye...

8.5 Great
crow's eye review

The Crow’s Eye Review

I’m just going to put this out in the open. The Crow’s Eye has had teasers over the last few years that really seemed to be building towards what I was hoping to be the next big thing for ...

7 Good
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