Sine Requie: Snake Eyes First Impressions

Dungeons and Dragons as a franchise has had an incredible impact on pop culture. With the recent resurgence of its popularity thanks in no small part to shows like Stranger Things, it’s great to see creators taking this long running series and bringing a new take to familiar concepts. Sine Requie: Snake Eyes First Impressions Enter Sine Requie: Snake Eyes, a pen & paper RPG turned tablet...[Read More]

The Maestros – A look at the Closed Beta for a really promising RTS

Steampunk battles, Alchemy, shrines,  Dreadbeasts, and mystical lands. If that doesn’t catch your eye, try funneling all of that into a single MOBA-like RTS where you can control your own little army of mechanized or alchemical minions. This is what indie developer Systence Games offers in their upcoming title: The Maestros; and from what I experienced in the beta, they are well on their way...[Read More]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 First Impressions – The JRPG I Wanted and Needed

You could be forgiven if you’re not familiar with Monoliftsoft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X, which came out during the Wii U’s lifespan.  While critically praised, due to the lack of popularity of its native console in the west, it’s likely you never played it. If you did, congrats! You played one of the Wii U’s best titles and the best new JRPG series in ages. The origin...[Read More]

Need for Speed Payback First Impressions

Confession time; I haven’t really invested in a racing title since Burnout: Paradise City. Needless to say it’s been a few years (okay so maybe like 9 years ago) since I have really spent any amount of time running the roads/offroads of a decent racing game. In fact the last time I touched a racing game from the Need for Speed franchise, it was 2003 and the title track was “Get Low” just to give y...[Read More]

Tower 57 – One Part Pixel, Two Parts Awesome

Some genres in the gaming sphere have stood the test of time. From conception and early design all the way to modern incarnations, there are styles of gameplay and mechanics that simply stand the test of time. They evolve and develop with time, sure, but the core mechanics that make them great have always been a part of their makeup and it’s part of what makes them great. From classic FPS li...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Hands On with the Multiplayer

Over the past two days, I have had the pleasure of spending time at EA’s Redwood Shores Campus in Redwood City, California to get some hands-on experience with Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer experience. Within this article, we are going to break down the experiences, what you can expect out of the multiplayer mode come release day, and my first impressions of the game. Star Wars Battlefron...[Read More]

Sonic Forces Hands-On Preview – The Blue Blur is Back

That blue blur that several of us grew up with is coming back in an all new platform video game called Sonic Forces. The game is being developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. At Twitchcon I had a chance to get a hands-on with a demo of the game. This is our Sonic Forces Hands On preview I’ll admit that the last Sonic game I played was more than likely on a Sega game console, so gettin...[Read More]

BlizzCon 2017 – Overwatch’s Moira is a Deadly (and Healing) Scientist

Overwatch is getting a new hero in the coming weeks. Hitting the PTR as early as next week (though it could be longer), the Irish member of Talon – Moira, is a virtuoso of heals and death alike. We sat down with Aaron Keller and Dave Adams of the Overwatch team to talk about Moira, and the all-new Blizzard World Map coming with the new hero. Starting with Blizzard World, it’s worth not...[Read More]

BlizzCon 2017 – Hearthstone’s Dungeon Crawling Roguelike Kobolds and Catacombs

God yes. How can I possibly tell you how happy I am that Hearthstone is getting an immensely replayable single player mode? I suck at card games. I also hate losing. But I love Hearthstone. Like Elder Scrolls Legends, Hearthstone has been consistently upgrading their single player offering for folks like me. I don’t mind losing to the computer as much as I do other players, and yes – l...[Read More]

Sony Reveals Barrage of PSVR Titles at Paris Games Week

Ever since E3, PlayStation VR news has been a little quiet. We’ve been frothing over Monster of the Deep and Moss (unfortunately now delayed to 2018), but the upcoming slate has been sparse otherwise. Today’s announcements at Paris Games Week are a welcome boost for the $350 accessory that was otherwise struggling for content. Headlining the menu is Blood & Truth, a slightly disturbing shooter...[Read More]

Total War Arena is looking like the perfect blend of competitive gaming and mass warfare

While at the Wargaming offices in San Francisco, the Wargaming Alliance team gave me an exclusive look at the next Roman commander in Total War Arena, Sulla. We also had the chance to play a bunch of games together and get absolutely stomped. I had been playing the game before our giveaway and a few weeks ahead of visiting their offices. Even before meeting the passionate team, even before intervi...[Read More]

Total War: Warhammer 2’s Free DLC is Worth Revisiting the First Game

You may have seen my recent review of Total War: Warhammer 2 praising it in all its glory.  Well, they’re at it again, this time with an amazing DLC that brings Total War: Warhammer into Total War: Warhammer 2!  Yes, you heard me right, they merged the games, so to speak. Welcome to the Mortal Empires What is this DLC and why should you care?  To be blunt, if you enjoyed the first TW: Warhammer ga...[Read More]

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