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Halo Wars 2 Rolls Out Serina & Operation Spearbreaker Today

Halo Wars 2 Gets Updated With DLCs Serina and Operation: Spearbreaker Today Halo Wars 2 Xbox blog ha...[Read More]

Front Defense VR Review

Before stepping into the world of VR, I thought I’d had some intense video game experiences. Somewhe...[Read More]

Our Early Access Review of Iron Tides

Iron Tides is a turn based, survival game with rogue-like elements. Oh and VIKINGS! Developed by Ind...[Read More]

Fate/Extella Launches for Nintendo Switch & PC

PC and Nintendo Switch players can now start on their journey through Fate/Extella. Switch players c...[Read More]

Dying Light Gets First of Ten DLC in Content Drop #0

Techland is using its new “Gemly” platform to release the first DLC for Dying Light. As ...[Read More]

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War Is Imminent – Ironcast Barreling Onto The Nintendo Switch On 10th August

The teams at developer Dreadbit and Ripstone Publishing are excited to announce that Ironcast, their first game for the console, will be hitting digit...

Mistborn: Birthright Is Officially Cancelled

As first found by TechRaptor,  Mistborn: Birthright Facebook page got a new post from the CEO of Little Orbit, Matthew Scott. It announces that the ga...

Our Super Cloudbuilt Review

Super Cloudbuilt begs you not to slow down. Its levels are expansive and guideless, filled with floating platforms. You’ll wall run, jet boost and Hai...

Our Aporia: Beyond the Valley Review

When reviewing any game, it’s hard not to draw some initial comparisons to other predecessor games. Seeing Investigative North’s Aporia defined as a f...

High School Startup, MXers, Kickstarts Modular Earbud Models

MXers Audio, a small business began by a group of high school sophomores, has turned to Kickstarter to fund their latest round of modular earbuds. The...

Atari & Sega Genesis Flashback Consoles Coming Out in September

AtGames has announced the release date and pricing information for all of its retro console units. Both the Sega Genesis Flashback and the Atari Flash...

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition Up for Preorder for PS4 & XBox One

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is now available for pre-order. Both PlayStation 4 and XBox One customers can purchase the game for $49.99. Play...

Square Enix JRPG Lost Sphear to be Released on January 23, 2018

Square Enix has announced the release date for its next JRPG, Lost Sphear. The game will arrive for multiple platforms on January 23, 2018. Square Eni...

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