4 Ways to Get Gold in World of Tanks

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Battles in the World of Tanks are not only a great opportunity for you to test your skills and prove the strength of your war vehicle. They can also serve as a source of resources that assist you in progressing through the game.

Unfortunately, Random battles and Standard missions primarily grant you credits and experience. Therefore, you need to find other ways to get hold of gold.

Gold, next to credits, is the primary currency in the World of Tanks, allowing you to:

  • purchase Premium account,
  • acquire Premium vehicles,
  • convert Experience earned in Elite vehicles to free Experience points, or
  • purchase an Improved Pass.

It makes gold a valuable commodity that can up your game and make it more exciting. In spite of the fact that the Standard game mode doesn’t grant gold, there are multiple easy ways to get it in the World of Tanks.

1 MillionPugs cashback platform

Let’s start with an effortless and outside-game option, which is the MillionPugs service enabling you to get gold, Premium Tanks, or credit boosters, for shopping online.

MillionPugs is a brand-new cashback platform designed for gamers to facilitate them earning valuable in-game resources. The service allows users to collect reward points, called pugs™, when they shop online and redeem the points for fancy in-game items.

Using MillionPugs is effortless

The best part about using MillionPugs is that, perhaps, you don’t have to make any extra effort to earn in-game content, like gold or Premium Tanks for the World of Tanks. The platform is fresh, but already affiliates almost 2000 brands from multiple industries.

Therefore, you probably already frequent at least a few of the stores. If so, the only effort you need to make is to create a MillionPugs account.

Summing up, the MillionPugs cashback platform is an easy method of getting gold for the World of Tanks. You don’t have to devote your free time or spend hard-earned money to use the service. All you need to do is to create an account, shop online in your favorite stores, collect pugs™, and redeem them for gold and other fancy in-game content.

2 Ranked battles

As already mentioned, Random battles don’t come with gold as a reward. Nevertheless, there are also Ranked battles that can equip you with gold and various powerful in-game items that will up your game. The Ranked battle mode is based upon Standard battle rules. Nevertheless, it is only accessible for researchable and collectors’ vehicles.

In this mode, a matchmaker creates a team assembling players with equal skill levels. Winning battles allows participants to progress with the Ranks and Divisions by getting chevrons.

At the end, the best ones are moved to the Prize League where they earn prizes, for example:

  • gold,
  • rare vehicles,
  • Premium account
  • directives

3 Special missions

Special missions are non-standard missions that occur during weekend, or week-long tournaments. For successful completion of missions, you can get valuable prizes, such as gold, vehicles, or equipment.

Such occurrences are organized regularly and are always pre-announced. It is advisable, then, to check out when such events occur and participate in order not to miss out on any opportunity to get gold, and other prizes.

4# Premium shop

Last but not least, there is always an option to purchase gold directly in the Premium shop for real money. It is a quick and effortless method that will instantly equip you with a solid gold boost. Remember that gold purchased this way is not transferable between accounts and servers.

All in all, gold is a valuable commodity in the World of Tanks, allowing you to purchase Premium Tanks, Premium account, or consumables. Unlike credits, it cannot be earned as a reward for completing Standard missions, or competing in Random battles.

Luckily, there are special methods of earning gold. The effortless ones include using the MillionPugs cashback platform, or purchasing gold directly in the Premium shop for real money. Nonetheless, you can also opt for more labor-intensive in-game options, such as participating in Ranked battles, or organized tournaments.

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