Warframe Goes Roguelike when The Duviri Paradox Launches

Warframe will go roguelike when The Duviri Paradox launches in April

Warframe is preparing to unleash aa huge new expansion on Tenno everywhere when the latest update to this massive online universe goes live in April. The Duviri Paradox is just the latest battlefront in Digital Extreme’s galaxy wide adventure and this new threat to citizens incoming with a roguelike twist.

Players jumping into the hugely successful open world sci-fi series will find a world caught in an unforgiving time trap. Demonstrated in a brand new trailer reveal, the Duviri Paradox starts at the end and follows the Drifter, an entity stuck in a massive reality fracture. The result is content unlike anything seen before in Warframe. Taking inspiration from roguelike titles like dungeon crawling Moonlighter, Tenno will dive into the Void-wrecked unknown. Here, the Drifter and Warframes cross a vast color-shifting reality to face off against a powerful new Child King ruler – Dominus Thrax.

During Devstream 168, Digital Extremes gave us more than just a trailer. After you’ve watched the teaser above, you can had over to the full stream to find out more about the game’s new open-world zone. Here, three distinct game modes await. ‘The Circuit’ which provides a new Warframe Only endless game mode, ‘The Duviri Experience’ which is a full open world adventure, and ‘The Lone Story’ for a solo narrative experience. The domain of Thrax changes with this monarch’s mood, weaving elements of Fear, Anger, Happiness, Envy, and Sadness into the environment and combat.

This isn’t all we’re excited to try out when the Duviri Paradox lands in Warframe. Then April update adds in new quests, missions, arenas, and likely more. I’m fully expecting a wealth of new adaptable Warframes to counter this ever shifting threat and can’t wait to see what else is revealed before the April releasee. To check out even more, and find out about the return of TennooCon, check out the official website now.Warframe is available for free across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nitnendo Switch now.

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