Afterimage – Kickstarter Campaign Launched & Playtest Available

Afterimage - Kickstarter Campaign Launched & Playtest Available

Developer Aurogon Shanghai kicked off the Kickstarter campaign for hand-drawn 2D side-scrolling metroidvania Afterimage. The team is looking to raise $15k, with over $9k being pledged by almost 300 backers at the moment of writing this article.

You can back Afterimage to receive the full game with backer discount, or to get access to backer exclusive demo(which will be delivered around this Summer). The game emphasizes fast-paced combat with diversified character builds, non-linear levels, and gripping storylines set in a vast and ruined landscape.

Additionally, the developers have opened the very first public demo in which players can take a sneak peek at the game by  exploring 4 different areas and encountering 1 boss fight. Renee will be able to choose from 2 classes of main weapons with different weapon skills and magic spells.

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