Aggretsuko: Short timer Strikes Back Starts Mobile Pre Registration

Aggretsuko, Sanrio’s angsty little red panda, is getting a mobile game called Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Back.

Brought to life by ACT Games and HIVE Co, in partnership with Japan’s premier kitty company Sanrio, our favourite metal loving office worker is getting her own match 3 mobile puzzles and we’re kind of ready to clock in already. Hive Co has already opened pre registration for the title, over at the official website for the game, and have already promised players that sign up for some overtime that they will be able to grab Fenneko as a bonus.

Office Time

Based on the hit Netflix show, this new puzzle game will feature plenty of characters from the Aggretsuko anime series and finds Aggretsuko in charge of designing the office interior. In order to obtain new stars and decorate their office, players must clear a range of match 3 puzzles. Check out the introduction video above. Of course, you can go a little out into leftfield and even out a cafe or a beach in the office and create an aesthetic that might even calm down Director Ton, maybe.

Alongside the puzzle elements, Aggretsuko: Short timer Strikes Back also feature 100 episodes of Aggretsuko, each with an average running time of 1 min, that aired on Japan TV for free. The animated episodes will be unlocked as players progress through the game meaning there’s plenty of headbanging action to catch up on. Players who are ready to help out Aggretsuko can head over to the official website now and pre register for both iOS and Android versions of the game before they launch worldwide. If you’ve never heard of Sanrio’s other star then you can still catch seasons one and two of Aggretsuko over on Netflix right now.


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