Archeage Announces The Gunslinger And A New Expansion

ArcheAge: Unchained

Archeage, Gamigo Groups fantasy MMORPG, is set to shoot from the hip as it introduces a new expansion and class into the world this month.

Due to arrive on 25 March, a brand new Gunslinger expansion will fire players into a new adventure on both traditional Archeage and the Unchained version of this massive adventure. While the classic view of the fantasy RPG finds plenty of players wielding bow and arrow, anybody looking for a fight might need to draw a bit faster after this upcoming update. The Gunslinger add on is set to introduce an entirely new skillset. While we don’t have a ton of detail about the new Gunslinger, if they are anything like our reveal of the Kingdom Under Fire 2 Gunslinger, then they will harness incredible firepower and ranger maneuverability to take down their enemies before they can react.

A New Threat Looms

You’ll need the new firepower the Gunslinger brings to the fold later this March, as a brand new challenge await players in the newest expansion. Title ‘ Akasch Invasion ‘, the expansion brings a new enemy to bear in the far west continent of Auroria. Behind the Mysthrane Gorge, an area will unfold containing an entirely new narrative quest, exciting invasion themed raids, and additional environments that aren’t for the faint of heart.

This new expansion follows on from the current Rise of Nehliya adventure and eager warriors can grab the Unchained version on pre sale today. If you’re a fan of the Archeage experience, or set o give it a new try with Archeage Unchained, then holster those rifles and head over to the official Archeage Unchained website for more information on this upcoming Gunslinger skillset and Akasch Invasion expansion.

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