Black Desert Online Is Free On PC

black desert online free pc

Kakao Games have knocked a cool 100% off, making Black Desert Online free on PC.

Looking for a reason to stay indoors this weekend then Perl Abyss has you covered. Developer Pearl Abyss and publisher Kakao Games are busy celebrating the 4th anniversary of their huge hit MMORPG Black Desert Online. As part of the festivities, it seems the game has gone free for a limited time. Players who haven’t entered the world of Black Desert can pick up the game for absolutely no cost on the official Black Desert website and over on the Steam Store page. Normally $10 this brings the buy to play barrier down for anybody looking to get in on the action. The free offer runs from right now until 2 March 7 AM PT. Players who want to pick up the game will need to set up a new Black Desert Online account and open the game at least once, according to the update on Steam. We’d advise grabbing it and logging in just to ensure that everything is good to go.

More Loot

New players will also be able to grab the game’s Starter Package for free when they take up this offer. In addition to the massive discount on the base game, there are other huge cuts in the cost of extra packages. The Traveller’s Package, which includes a 30-day Value Pack, five Elion’s Blessings, a pet, horse, and an additional character slot is only around $18 or local equivalent. The fancier Explorer’s Package comes in at $16, down from $40. Of course, all these price cuts are going to vanish soon so we’re downloading right now.

This isn’t the end of the 4th-anniversary celebrations. Kakao has a number of in-game events going on for the MMORPG. During March, players will get aces to the Ash Forest and other new content, an in-game charity promotion is due to start soon, and next week’s log in incentive will give away €200/$200 worth of cash shop items just for clicking yes.

If you haven’t played Black Desert Online yet then you’ve been missing out on an MMORPG that takes the traditional AAA online RPG experience and weaves in some impressive action combat systems. Pick from a range of classes, follow the spirits to find your destiny, and explore Black Desert through PvE, PvP, clan warfare, and a whole host of other exciting activities. Check out the official website for more information and to grab Black Desert Online for free on PC.


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