Blade & Soul Revolution Opens Pre-Registration on iOS and Android

blade & Soul pre-registration

Blade & Soul Revolution, the upcoming mobile MMORPG spin-off, just opened pre-registration ahead of a global launch.

Due to land on iOS and Android devices sometime this year, Blade & Soul Revolution just got pre-registration started. Mobile gamers on both Apple and Google platforms can get ready to send fists flying as they martial up some action and put their names down to get ahead of the competition. As of right now, players interested in this new adventure will get a cool 1,000 black crystals for pre-registering for this title. There’s also a Lumi for Android users and Sparkie for iPhone users.

Brought to life by the team at Netmarble, Blade & Soul Revolution is described as an open world mobile RPG. Intended as something of an homage to the big screen version fo the game, Netmarble is aiming for something that stays true to its PC roots with a high level of full 3D graphics and large-scale content, full of breathtaking cinematics and tales of revenge. Backed up by the Unreal 4 Engine, we’re certainly sure it will look wonderful.

This isn’t the first time that Netmarble has launched a mobile title based on NCSoft’s existing brands. The hugely successful Lineage 2 Revolution hit mobile storefronts back in 2016 and, just like Blade & Soul Revolution, was a free to play title supported by microtransactions. While we don’t have a ton of detail on the final game as yet, you can check out the pre-registration website for Blade & Soul Revolution before it launches to get a glimpse of the upcoming story, raids, dungeons, PvP, and faction wars that make up this exciting new Wuxia adventure.

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