Reverie Knights Tactics Takes on PC and Console Today

PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch owners can pick up a new hand crafted RPG today as 1C Entertainment unleashes Reverie Knights Tactics.

Fans of tactical turn based adventures will likely want to take a look at this brand new title from developer 40 Giants when it lands today. Launching on multiple storefronts, this hand drawn tactical RPG mixes the sort of aesthetic you might be used to in visual novels, with the deep narrative and choices tied to an RPG. Taking inspiration from comics, animated adventures, and more traditional isometric RPGs, Reverie Knights Tactics is hoping that its interesting conglomeration of ideas can forge a path through a world devastated by millennia-long wars, or at least onto your desktop.

Publisher 1C has added a trailer for the release of Reverie Knights Tactics, which should give us all a look into the ravaged landscape that lies ahead, which you can watch above. Assuming control of four unique heroes, players will embark on an expedition to save their loved ones from Lennórien, a long forgotten Elven city. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as just walking in the front door. This mythical location lies on the other side of a realm engulfed by a goblin menace, and maybe more menacing forces. To overcome this dark time, any brave soul will need to take control of turn-based battles, wielding each character’s unique skills to overcome any obstacle. Along the way, characters will make decisive narrative choices, craft new equipment, and upgrade their abilities, as with any good RPG.

While this might not inventive mix of card based systems that Trials of Fire uses so well or give quite the same level of freedom that RuneScape’s new tabletop RPG provides, the unique style and narrative novel make Reverie Knights Tactics an interesting take that might very well be worth a roll of the dice. You can find out more about Reverie Knights Tactics over on the official Steam Store page or pick it up on other digital storefronts for around $24.99 USD / 24,99€ EUR / £20.99 GBP.

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