Claire de Lune Lands On Steam 12 July

Claire de Lune a new story driven FPS is set to explore a strange new world when it lands on Steam later this month.

If you’re looking for a twist on Returnal’s tough as nails sci-fi exploration, then Claire de Lune might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to ditch the death loop and take a more narrative approach to space exploration. Set to land on a new world on 29 July, Claire de Lune is a story driven FPS from the team at Tactic Studios and shove players out into the wilderness of a foreign world.

After crash landing on this rock, father and daughter crew, John and Claire, are separated. It’s up to you to guide john across unusual terrain, ruins of alien origin, and around other dangers to reach Claire and get the hell off this planet. Along the way, John will have some help. Aided by the ship’s quick-witted AI, Arturo, John will have at least one other set of scanners at his back and this unprepared explorer comes armed with a powerful nanogun. Designed as a tool, rather than a weapon of war, this provides John with the option of building blocks, repulsor pads, and other movement materials.

Blending unusual new environments, Portal style puzzle solving, and a narrative tale Claire de Lune seems like it could be worth a look if you want a different pace and an endearing tale. Have a look at the trailer above, or head over to the Steam Store to wishlist Claire de Lune now.

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