Collect Three Day of the Dead Masks This Week in GTA Online

Collect Three Day of the Dead Masks This Week in GTA Online

There’s never a bad day to be a player in GTA Online, and this week is, of course, no exception. Players who log in this week will be able to collect three free Day of the Dead masks just for the effort. Add in more than a few ways to earn some serious in-game cash for those sweet rides, and it’s easy to see why GTAO is such a blast. Let’s take a look at what’s on tap throughout the coming days.

This Week in GTA Online

  • Short Trips and Security Contracts are offering players double GTA$ and RP
  • Meanwhile, Hunting Pack (Remix) is handing out triple GTA$ and RP
  • Log in any time this week and collect three Day of the Dead Masks: the Royal Calaca Mask, the Romance Calaca Mask, and the Floral Calaca Mask
  • Collect a free Orange DJ Pooh Tee for logging in this week as well.
  • Over at Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom, take a gander at the Pfister Astron SUV, Nagasaki Shinobi Motorcycle, Declasse Granger 3600LX SUV, the Western Reever Motorcycle (also 40% off!), and the Obey I-Wagen SUV
  • Luxury Autos Showroom is showcasing the Enus Jubilee SUV and the Dewbauchee Champion Super.
  • Head over to the LS Car Meet to try out the Schyster Fusilade Sports, Ocelot Jackal Coupe, and the Coil Voltic Super (that’s 50% off!)
  • Place in the Top 4 in the LS Car Meet Series for two days in a row to drive off with the Gallivanter Baller ST SUV
  • Spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance to take home the Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec Off-Road.
  • Next-gen players can participate in this week’s HSW Premium Test Ride and the HSW Time Trial.
  • Agency Properties and the Agency Vehicle Workshop are both 40% off.
  • Imani Tech Upgrades are 30% off.
  • Vehicle discounts range from 30% off to 50% off.
  • Gun Van Discounts include 20% off Grenades.
  • GTA+ Members have a number of in-game goodies to collect.

Check out all the details by visiting the GTA Online official site.

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