Community Feedback Integral to EA Sports PGA Tour Updates

Community Feedback Integral to First EA Sports PGA Tour Update

EA is taking community feedback seriously when updating EA Sports PGA Tour. After listening to the post-launch discussions among players, developers will soon deploy a new update to the PC and console golf game that should ease many concerns. In a new blog post on the game’s official site, the team thanked the players for their passion and devised plans for the next several updates.

Key feature updates include

  • 3-Click Swing – The game’s initial swing animation was designed to replicate golfer motion accurately and elevate the game’s realism. To enhance the experience further, the team will add the 3-click swing, a staple in golf games for decades.
  • Career Mode Options – The team has heard player feedback about wanting more options outside of Quick Play and Full Rounds during Career Mode and are exploring ways to provide you with more choice in this area.
  • Camera Angle and Zoom Issues – The team has been investigating ways to improve the pre-shot zoom camera, focusing on improvements for players who don’t use the putting grid and need lower camera angles to read greens manually.
  • Updates to Putting Grids – We have received comments and posts discussing or showing instances where the putting grid bead lines are running in the opposite direction of the break. This has been observed in testing, and a fix for this issue will be implemented in an upcoming update.
  • Online Game Formats – The team has heard the feedback and is working hard to bring you more online choices.
  • Camera Angle and Zoom Issues – We have been investigating the various reports of certain camera angles sometimes obscuring gameplay.
  • Cup Physics – We fixed an issue where the visual representation of the cup was slightly larger than its actual size in physics.
  • Fast Play – We will be looking to implement a “Fast Play” presentation package, which allows players to enable/disable an alternative presentation package that skips certain cinematics, such as player reactions, for a fast-paced gameplay experience.
  • Putt Meter and Button Hints – We will add two additional settings to provide further choice in this area, “Putt Meter” and “Button Hints.” The “Putt Meter” setting removes the putt meter that’s on the ground while putting. The “Button Hints” setting removes the button hints at the bottom of the screen during gameplay.
  • Online Matchmaking – Rest assured that we’re exploring all options and using data to make informed decisions while iterating to get matchmaking into a better state.

Check out the full details, including what updates have already been deployed, by visiting the EA Sports PGA Tour official site.

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