Company Of Heroes Is Coming To iPhone and Android

Company of Heroes, the World War 2 strategy game, is about to open up a new front as it arrives on iPhone and Android this year.

While we don’t have a definitive date set for this new campaign, Feral interactive has just released news that the hit strategy title is making the leap from iPad to iPhone and Android devices soon. The mobile version of this title comes after a stint on the iPad and is set to make your morning commute, when we’re back at it, a whole lot more exciting.

Targetting New Players

Developed by Feral and published by SEGA on windows devices, Company of Heroes puts players in charge of two companies of American troops and challenges them to keep the campaign on track as they begin an invasion of Normandy. Smartphone generals will face a range of challenges as they take on all opposition across skirmish maps and campaign missions. While the expected challenges lie ahead in Campaign mode, Skirmish allows up to eight players to pick up a rifle and challenge their friends across a plethora of maps, perfect for lunchtime scrims.

While many gamers might be familiar with the original outing for this company back in 1996, the mobile version of the Company of Heroes on iPhone and Android features a completely revitalized title. Company of Heroes has been remade by hand from scratch and optimized for mobile devices with a new, sophisticated, and intuitive user interface designed to perform tactics in real-time, adapt to changing scenarios, and ultimately overcome the fierce resistance that the player will encounter when liberating France.

The iOS and Android versions of this strategy are coming to both digital platforms as a premium title and wills et players back €14.99 or local equivalent. You can check out the full details about this release over at the Feral Interactive website now.

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