Conan Unconquered Dev Trailer Details co-op mode

Conan Unconquered Dev Trailer

A brand new Conan Unconquered Dev Trailer has dropped and it is all about co-op gameplay. With just a few days until release, the devs have come out in force to explain why Conan’s co-op gameplay will conquer the market.

Featuring a whole host of developers from Petroglyph, the new Conan Unconquered trailer puts a squad of Command and Conquer veterans in front of the camera and gets into the minutia of Conan’s unique selling points. While most other Real Time Strategy games pit a single player against a personal opponent or the questionable logic of an AI, Conan Unconquered works as a two-player experience. In co-op mode, Conan Unconquered spawns two players into a particular scenario. While they control their own armies, they will share resources and most of the buildings that they construct. As waves of opposing troops swarm the map, it is up to players to cooperate to overcome the incoming challenges and see your enemies slain before you.

In the trailer above, the team also confirm that the will also feature a previously unannounced feature called challenge mode. This mechanism allows players to create and share a link to exactly the same game. The same map, settings, and unlockable feats will appear for anybody visiting the link. It also allows conquerors to challenge friends to take on their score and should be especially useful for streamers out to best their community. Maybe we will even get an opportunity to beat Petroglyph in the future.

The full Conan Unconquered dev trailer includes Co-founder and Senior Programmer Michael Legg, Senior Game Designer Patrick Pannullo, Art Director Jeff Troutman, and Executive Producer Ted Morris. If you want to find out more about Conan Unconquered then you can check out the official Conan Unconquered website for more details

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