Dandara Launching February 6th on all platforms – Take. Back. Your. Freedom.

This one looks fantastic. Dandara, from the four-man team at Long Hat House, tells the tale of a heroine and a people facing annihilation. She’s born from the Crib of Creation as the hero intent on saving the world. It’s a Metroidvania game, but seems to completely defy that genre’s traditional up/down/left/right scrolling ways. They’re calling it a directionless world, and the trailer gives just a brief taste of what it might be like to play in a gravity-defying 2D place. Raw Fury keeps pumping out the great games, that’s for sure.

Dandara Launch Trailer

What is Dandara? An abstract Metroidvania featuring a bold heroine in a gravity-bending world. She is born from the Crib of Creation to help liberate her world, the Salt, from the Eldarian Army, a regime bent on bringing the Salt to oblivion. Dandara is loosely inspired by the historical figure, Dandara de Palmares, who was a 17th century freedom fighter in Brazil.

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