Dauntless Devs Invite You to Slay Your Way to Stylish Rewards


From now through July 23rd, Dauntless players are invited to check out the latest Hunt Pass called Relics & Ruin. Devs have subtitled it as a way to “slay your way to stylish rewards”. Who could resist that tempting offer?

Players will be fighting for the future of Ramsgate, the game‘s social hub and city, as the Umbral Deeps “are on a deadly collision course”. The goal is to locate and use the Portal Driver relic. At the completion of the special event, players will see the shape of the Shattered Isles changed forever.

Players will have access to a trio of quests that will challenge them individually and as a community. The goal is to gather all the necessary materials to save the city. Successfully doing so will net participants with the Radiant Sun lantern skin and if the larger community goal is reached, players will also earn the limited-time arrival emote.

The Hunt Pass is available to all players but there is an elite track for sale that adds 50 levels of in-game rewards, two bonus loot rolls, 50% boost to Mastery XP, and 4 extra Vault coins at each Prestige Level. Players can also grab an Elite Track Bundle for 30% off that allows them to skip 15 levels.

Check out the Dauntless official site to learn the lore behind the event.

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