Wrap Up Big Bounty Hunter Rewards in Red Dead This Week

Red Dead Online

This week is a huge one for Bounty Hunters in Red Dead Online. Players can sweep up a number of big rewards for taking on Bounty Hunter challenges and more. As always, RDO players can also leverage some sweet deals on items and clothing. Twitch Prime members will also want to check out the bonuses and discounts they can access.

Everyone completing any successful Legendary Bounty Mission will earn +50% to RDO$ payouts and Role XP. Those who are new to the Bounty Hunter business and get their Bounty License between July 14-27 will also bring home RDO$200 as well as earn an extra RDO$100 for every rank up as a reward for their hard work. Veterans completing tasks will snag a Treasure Map and 10 sticks of Volatile Dynamite.

Discerning and well-dressed cowfolk will want to check out the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Catalogue for some sweet deals. A number of items are 40% off including all Single and Double Bandoliers, Sniper Rifles, Machetes, Skirts, Chaps, and some Winter-style Coats. It’s well worth a stop by the shop to see what’s new in order to always look your best!

Twitch Prime members who link their Social Club to their Twitch account will be able to bring home RDO$1,000 and take advantage of some other sweet deals:

  • Offer for 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher Table which starts the Trader Role
  • Rewards for 6,000 Trader XP
  • Offer for 40% off a Horse
  • Offer for 40% off a Stable Stall
  • Offer for 40% off a Shotgun
  • 50 Incendiary Buckshot Slugs

Check out the Red Dead Online official site for more details.

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