Red Dead Online Peeks Into December Content

Red Dead Online December 2022

Rockstar and the Red Dead Online team are offering players a peek into what they can expect in December. The team has cobbled together an awesome array of interesting activities for everyone. Along the way, players can earn RDO$ and XP. Bounty Hunters will also have a chance to earn some serious Role XP and much more. Add in some seasonal cheer and it looks like it’s shaping up to the be a great month to play RDO.

December Happenings

  • Call to Arms will be putting on holiday airs starting December 15th. Players taking part from that date onward can earn triple RDO$ and XP.
  • Legendary and Infamous Bounty Missions are offering everyone triple RDO$ and Gold.
  • Player Bounties reward players with triple Character and Role XP.
  • The Covington Emerald Blood Money Opportunity is handing out double RDO$ and XP.
  • Players who complete three different Legendary Bounties during any given week in December take home a red colorway of the Folwell Hat.
  • Those who bring in a Player Bounty will earn a free Treasure Map.
  • Gunsmiths will be selling the seasonal Krampus Shotgun with no Rank lock from December 13 to January 2
  • Holiday happenings include:
    • Everyone logging in from December 13-26 will be given the Winter variant of the Evans Repeater.
    • Playing any time this month nets a reward for a free Off-hand Holster Log.
    • Naturalists selling a Sample to Harriet prior to January 2 will earn a free Coat.
    • Between December 13-19, Bounty Hunters can earn a reward for 2,000 Role XP
    • Complete a Moonshiner sale for a free Ability Card and three Gold Bars between December 20-26
    • Reach Wave 7 in Merry Call to Arms for a free green version of the Morales Vest.
    • Log in for a free Emote, an offer for 50% off select Weapons, and a bonus RDO$100 for completing a Role Challenge from December 27-January 2
  • Everyone takes home a free Community Holiday Outfit
  • Tons of discounts are on offer
  • Prime Gaming members will want to collect free goodies
  • Featured Series Calendar:
    • November 29 – December 5: Hardcore Elimination Series
    • December 6 – 12: Gun Rush Teams (Hardcore)
    • December 13 – 19: Festive Series 1
    • December 20 – January 2: Festive Series 2

Check out all of the details on the Red Dead Online official site.

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