Diplomacy is Not an Option – Check Out Early Access Gameplay Teaser

Developer Door 407 has taken to Steam to reveal that the Steam Early Access release of survival strategy Diplomacy Is Not An Option has been postponed to February 9th.

According to the devs, the decision is not related to needing more time to polish the title but rather to the season sale that starts exactly after the anticipated release date. That would mean that the game would have a good chance of not making it to the recommended game lists and queues if the team were to keep the release date.

“Once again, thank you for being with us despite our lack of organization. Our sincere apologies. You have our word that this time the release date is 100% sure. “Diplomacy is Not an Option” is coming to Early Access on February 9, 2022.

Yours, Door407 Studio.”

The game will see you become a medieval feudal lord in a midlife crisis. Due to your position, you must constantly make hundreds of decisions a day related to city-management and economic development. You are tired of this monotonous and, so it seems, meaningless existence. But things are about to change: hordes of bloodlusted enemies, zounds of scary monsters, and crowds of rebellious peasants at any second can bring some life to your working schedule.

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