EA Games Are Returning To Steam. How Does This Effect You & Me?

Suffering from storefront fatigue? Then you won’t want to read this as Electronic Arts announced this week that they are renewing its partnership with Valve starting with Star Wards Jedi: Fallen Order which launches on November 15th. We will also see The Sims 4, Unravel Two, Apex Legends, FIFA 20 and Battlefield V joining the Steam ranks in the coming months with EA Access headed to the platform  next spring.

While I personally don’t have a problem using any storefront I have no qualm saying that I am not a fan of subscribing to the multitude of game company storefront subscriptions that give you access to (an often) great number of games. Like many, I just don’t like investing in programs that give me products I will never use – it makes me feel obligated, even guilty if I don’t play more games I may or may not enjoy. Who wants to spend their spare time in a playful hobby feeling negative emotions before even logging in? In this case it is Origins storefront we are focused on where I only play Anthem and the Sims 4 currently, 100% supporting that if you play a multitude of games from one developer having specific store fronts to shorten your numerous logins is super-handy.


So what does it mean for gamers who enjoy EA games? Well, nothing really if you already own the EA games as it seems like you will have to buy the games all over again if you want them on your Steam account but this does leave burning questions especially for the Sims 4 players as far as saving your game goes because currently the Sims 4 uses local files which you have to manually move to another computer if you wish to access them. Also there is uncertainty with the Sims 4 gallery where you can download and upload content created by yourself and other Simmers at the click of a few buttons.

  • Will we be able to save our Sims 4 games to Steam and play from any PC without manually needing to move files?
  • Will Steam users have access to a Steam Gallery or will there only still be the Origin ID Gallery which is currently in use with Steam users gaining access via Steam?

I really should download more on The Sims 4 Gallery


As far as gamers who don’t own EA games go, this partnership could be a massive boost to EA game communities numbers with Steam game collectors excited at the possibility of boosting their collections during those generous sales EA are renowned for but the most intriguing line of thought will be whether this massive and bold move by Electronic Arts will encourage other companies like Microsoft with Gamepass or Ubisoft with Uplay to also join the Steam menu?

All together this is great news for gamers and gaming! I look forward to watching how this effects the two games I enjoy especially, what are you looking forward to and does this effect your game play or collection in any way? Let us know in the comments oh and about those sales. I’d hurry real fast and get in on the Halloween Sales especially The Sims 4 because they probably end real soon!

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