ESPY Esports Moment Of The Year Winner 2019!

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The 2019  ESPY Awards show where the fans vote for the winners are being held Wednesday, July 10. Leading sports teams and individuals will be gathering at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The 27th edition of the ESPY Awards is being hosted by comedian Tracy Morgan and this year the e-sports category “Best Moments” is making it’s debut.

Voting Brackets began June 24th until Final July 9th and as you might have already guessed from Tracy Morgan’s Twitter account – Twitch Fornite streaming sensation Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins & internationally renowned EDM artist Christopher “Marshmello” Comstock  made it to the finals with their Fortnite win at the E3 ProAM 2018.

They had sincere, tough competition to beat though in the voting pool coming up against Professional NBA 2K League player Timothy “oLARRY” Anselimo and his return to the NBA 2K league.


“In 2018, Anselimo became one of the most respected players in the NBA 2K League. Drafted in April that year, he went from being a used car salesman on the Gulf Coast to competing nearly every week in New York, playing for the Milwaukee Bucks and pocketing $32,000 for six months of competition,” reported ESPN

On August 26th 2018 the fatal shooting tragedy that occurred during a Madden tournament at Chicago Pizza in Jacksonville, Florida claimed lives & almost took oLarry’s, however 8 months later while still staring recovery in the face mentally and physically oLarry found the strength to take his severely injured hand and began the return to playing professional e-sports.

The road has been uncertain and arduous for oLarry, his family and many who were effected by the tragedy in Jacksonville that fateful day so for his come back to then be crowned with winning the “ESPY’S Best E-sports Moment Of The Year Award 2019” touches the hearts of many out here in the gaming and sporting communities! We couldn’t agree more with Marshmello who shared that oLarry deserves this win more than anyone:

All the very best oLarry & congratulations!


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