Exocorps Launch Delayed Until Early October

exocorps delay

Upcoming Sci-fi shooter, Exocorps, is holding out on the physics madness and making a few final tweaks as it delays launch until early October 2020.

Some of you might remember our interview with indie developer Gingerbred and my own astonishment at how ridiculously good upcoming arena Shooter Exocoprs looks. After kicking off Exocorps back in 2013 and many years of development, Gingerbred is almost ready and gamers will have to wait just a tiny bit longer before they can strap on an Exosuit and take to alien skies in chaotic clash of wits and weapons. Despite the extended wait for Early Access to this exciting new adventure, Gingerbred is going to give potential pilots a chance to take part in a beta test at the end of this week.

Running from the 24 September until the 28 September, the Exocorps beta test will take place on PC and provide players with a glimpse of the intense ariel combat that melds together classic games such as Counter-Strike or Tribes with the high tech aesthetic of any decent mecha anime.

“We’ve made the decision to add a few more improvements to the game, in particular the games tutorial and user interface and also decided on a player Beta, and as such felt we needed to push back the games early access launch by a few weeks. We’re perfectionists at heart and want the game to represent the quality and expectation that players deserve” Said Gingerbred Co Founder and Technical Director Garin Mazaika.

If you’re unsure about the potential of Exocorps, head over to the official website to take a further look at what’s coming. Even better yet, get acquainted with the weapons at your disposal, as Garin runs down the armaments available in Exocorps, over in our interview.

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