BTS Dynamite Coming To Fortnite

BTS, the utterly massive Korean Pop group, is set to follow something of a trend, premiering Dynamite, their latest music video, in Fortnite.

While some of you might have been a little underwhelmed by the latest AMD reveals in the land of free for all build em ups, news dropped that BTS are bringing their latest release to the multi platform battle royale. Due to arrive on 25 September, the brand new choreography version of the Dynamite music video will play out at 8 PM ET.

To view the special event, players only need to log into Fortnite and select the Fortnite: Party Royale mode. This game mode has already been used as a stage for a multitude of events like viewing the FCSNS finals and concerts from the likes of Anderson Paak. As Fortnite continues to grow, and take on the likes of Apple, it’s no surprise that Epic Games are expanding the brand of this online franchise to include far more than just run and gun scenarios. While BTS aren’t exactly the first act to head to Fortnite during COVID related lockdowns, they are certainly likely to be at least a mild strain on the Fortnite servers. For those who haven’t heard of BTS or their army, this Korean boy band are seriously huge, with their recent Bang Bang Con: The Live pay per view event streamed to over 756,000 fans across the globe.

If you are part of the BTS army and want something to pass the time between now and 25 September then the seven piece already have a foot in the gaming market with the hugely successful BTS World mobile game and the upcoming BTS Universe Story just announced with a recent trailer. You can check out the announcement over at the official BTS youtube channel or just click the video above.

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