Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Has A Release Date

The upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake is the game a generation of players has been waiting for. Responsible for an army of cosplays and more than a few sick days, the original was a seminal title in video game history. Now we know when it is coming back.

Due out on 3 March 2020, the remake will follow the story of the original Final Fantasy VII adventure. It will also land on PlayStation 4 first, suggesting that we will probably see it on other platforms further down the line. Featuring all the characters you can just about remember from your youth, the Final Fantasy VII remake doesn’t just look like it is a new spin on old architecture. From what we’ve been led to believe, this entire venture is a ground-up rebuild f the original adventure. Following the quest of Cloud, this particular story delves into ideas of globalization and the environment that are much more than two cute boys with swords.

Music To Our Ears

Following on from the glimpse we got during last month’s State of Play update, the Square Enix unveiled the release date for the Final Fantasy VII remake at Final Fantasy 7: A Symphonic Reunion concert. The concert is an event dedicated exclusively to the beloved Japenese RPG and brings together a symphonic orchestra of more than 100 musicians alongside an HD backdrop. Taking place in the Dolby Theatre, this musical adventure was hosted by the director of the original FF7, Yoshinori Kitase. It marked the perfect stage to launch the release news, ahead of Square Enix’s own E3 press conference which takes place on 10 June at 6PM Pacific. It is likely that we will find out even more in the next day. If you are in the right time one you can watch the Square Enix press conference on their Twitch page or keep an eye here for the highlights on Gamespace.

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