Galaxy in Turmoil – Battlefront-like Shooter Available in Steam Early Access

Galaxy in Turmoil - Battlefront-like Shooter Available in Steam Early Access

The developers from Frontwire Studios have re-released the Kickstarter Demo of their shooter Galaxy in Turmoil as a free-to-play Steam Early Access version to notify many players who have missed a chance to try the game out for themselves. The team notes that the game is still in relatively early development and will spend a year or two in EA: the devs are currently adding in features that the community has tested or requested.

With over 100,000 Steam wishlist additions, we want to use Early Access to build a game fully based around community input and feedback. Early Access will remain FREE, however, the full game will eventually cost a price below standard prices. As such, Early Access will help us build the game the community is willing to pay for down the road.

Currently, multiplayer is the only part of Galaxy in Turmoil available to players. In Siege, the defending team’s base houses a rare and valuable artifact. The attacking team must hack through security before they can take the payload for themselves. Defenders must prevent or intercept hacks.

Once all consoles are breached, the shield protecting the artifact vanishes, leaving the objective vulnerable to a full-on assault. To achieve victory, attackers must carry the artifact to one of their Extraction Zones, while defenders try to stop them until the timer runs out.

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