God of Souls – Mixing Dark Souls 3 With God of War

If rampaging across the nine worlds is not enough for you, watch Kratos come to the realm of Dark Souls in the God of Souls fan video created by Butchimus. The trailer is done using Dark Souls’ 3 assets, characters and gear similar to God of War. Do you think DS3’s bosses would stand a chance against the God-Slayer?

This is not the first time fans creatively unite their favourite universes. Below you can find the humorous CupSouls video, uniting Dark Souls and Cuphead. What universes would you like to see brought together?

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After the bloody rampage that culminated the prior trilogy, the opening moments of this year’s God of War introduce us to a different, more subdued Kratos. A character that was perhaps the best embodiment of rage we’ve seen in video games, Kratos has had time to simmer and cool, once again stepping into the role of husband and father. Sony Santa Monica has done an astounding job of adding emotional depth to Kratos, often through the cipher of his son, Atreus.

What’s particularly striking about the experience is how well done the storytelling isThe studio has embraced the adage of  “show don’t tell,” often relying on actions – like the reaching and withdrawing of a hand, the scowl of a man struggling to make the right choices as a father in a world that cares little for sentiment. The world building and environmental storytelling are also far better than ever before, leading you off the beaten path to discover little nuggets of story, lore, treasure.

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