Goodbye World Brings Game Development To Nintendo Switch

Goodbye World, an unusual narrative tale of two struggling indie developers, is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Why bother playing games when you can play a game about making games? Goodbye World has just been announced for the Nintendo Switch. This unusual take on narrative adventures doesn’t plunge players into a high fantasy world full of monsters. Instead, it takes a step back and plunges us into the daily grind of two indie developers. Dues to arrive on 17 November 2022, this narrative rich experience follows programmer Kanii and graphics artist Kumade as they toil through their daily lives, working part time jobs just to make ends meet while they spend every other moment trying to finish their own project. This is suspiciously meta but isn’t all work and no play.

Goodbye World manages to present a pixel art aesthetic and a distinct pastel palette that even echoes the dimly lit backdrops of Nintendo’s own Game Boy Advance. Across 13 story chapters, these two central characters will complete a game called ‘BLOCKS’. The game within a game contains 12 stages of a puzzle platformer action where cute animal-like characters break and pile up.

While PM studios has a knack for innovative indie releases like My Time at Sandrock, developers Flyhigh Works definitely seem to have a very deliberate approach to this interesting new adventure. Everything from the music and art, to the platform choice, indicates that we might be seeing some high-scoring reviews. If you want to find out more about Goodbye World, check out the trailer above and the official eShop page now.

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