Have We Found Out What The Hell is Greedfall?

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Back in 2017 Developer Spiders started to give a first glimpse of their latest RPG Greedfall and despite an awesome looking trailer, we haven’t known a huge amount about the ins and outs of the game. Now it looks like we are about to find out a whole lot more.

For those of you that haven’t heard of the title, Greenfall is an upcoming RPG from the same team that made titles like Of Orcs and Men and Technomancer. These have typically been just shy of bearing the AAA label but an interesting twist and a spellbinding trailer promise so much more. Greenfall is set around the 17th century and this single-player narrative puts players into an age of exploration, discovery, and conquest. Colonial troops and technological marvels enter new territory while native people and their magic aren’t to be trifled with. It’s a theme that still seems to leverage the same tropes we know and love from traditional story-driven RGP but without the pointy hats and elven ears in tow.

In a recent interview with WFCtech, CEO Jehanne Rousseau talked a little more about the game and revealed a whole lot more than just the setting. This particular setting is a brand new island that you begin to explore. The whole experience is not quite a fully functioning open world but creates several huge swathes of land for the game’s protagonist to explore. This puts Greedfall on a scale that sounds markedly bigger than Spider’s previous efforts.

As players begin the game, it seems that they can choose to follow a faction. As they choose one of the game’s many factions, players will find that their actions will have a direct impact on the game they play. Simple decisions will influence their reputation with a number of the game’s many groups and even change the ending. There’s a whole lot more to the interview but from what we can glean, Greedfall looks like it could be an interesting single player RPG experience with a new take on elves and wizards. It feels like this might be the type of game that ten years ago we’d even have seen Bioware put out. Check out the reveal trailer below and find the original interview over at Wfctech. Greedfall is coming in 2019 to PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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