Heavy Metal Machines’ World Cup themed event is live


Hoplon Infotainment, developer and publisher of Heavy Metal Machines, announced today their new event focused on playing Soccer for their MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines.  Due to a major “major football tournament happening in Russia,” the developers wanted to create an event based around it to give players unique skins and bonus experience.  Heavy Metal Machines is a 4 on 4 MOBA wherein you control various cars in an attempt to get the soccer ball into the enemies goal.  It’s basically a huge smash-’em-up soccer game within a MOBA setting.  The game is free to play, but is currently in an open beta status on steam.

The event is scheduled is live from the 14th of June, all the way through the 17th of July.  This gives you plenty of time to get in game and earn those special skins!

Hoplon Infotainment is a Brazilian development corporation of massively multiplayer online games. It is most commonly known for its development of the space game Taikodom.

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