Heroes of the Storm – Prepare For Nexomania!

Heroes of the Storm team has announced a new event called Nexomania coming to the Nexus. Players can look forward to amazing themed skins for Lunara, Sonya, E.T.C., Garrosh, Karazim and Diablo as well as new mounts, sprays, portraits and much more.

During the event, all Loot Chests players get will be transformed into Nexomania Loot Chests with the exception of Hero-specific Chests. The limited-time items have a chance to drop from the special chests only. The last year’s summer event rewards also have a chance to be gained from the special chests.

This year’s event also lets players pick a quest to assist Lunara or Sonya in their endeavours.

Players choose a side in this Quest and earn a different set of seasonal rewards depending on their decision. Choose carefully—once you choose a side, the other questline will become inaccessible. (Don’t worry—rewards from both questlines will be available in Loot Chests during next year’s summer event.) Quests become available on May 22.

If you choose to take Lunara’s side, here are your quests and rewards:

  • Play 3 Games – Máscara de la Parca Portrait
  • Achieve 70 Takedowns in Winning Game – The Underworld Grip Spray
  • Win 6 Games – Ojos de la Parca Animated Spray
  • Achieve 100 Takedowns in Winning Games – Lunara Portrait and El Guapo Announcer

If you decided to pick Sonya, here’s what you can do and get:

  • Play 3 Games – Máscara de la Pantera Portrait
  • Achieve 70 Takedowns in Winning Game – The Panther Forearm Spray
  • Win 6 Games – Furia de la Pantera Animated Spray
  • Achieve 100 Takedowns in Winning Games – Sonya Portrait and El Guapo Announcer

The event will run through June 11th. Check out the official announcement or the video above to learn more!

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