Honkai: Star Rail – Learn More About Aventurine’s Abilities

With Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1 Phase 2 available now, all professional gamblers can spend their Stellar Jades on Aventurine and Jingliu. And so it’s time to learn more about Aventurine’s abilities and how to build him right. To bring players up to speed, the developers have shared the latest Keeping Up With Star Rail video featuring Owlbert and Dr. Ratio and dedicated to this IPC representative.

“A chip may weigh only a few grams, but it has the mighty power to upset the balance of the scale. In the gambler’s hands, the chip leaps lightly and lands softly, like a key to destiny. It causes the heart to beat, as if a piece of gold is stricken with rocks. In that split second, the decision for heaven or hell is made.”

Aventurine is a senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department and one of the Ten Stonehearts. His Cornerstone is “Aventurine of stratagems.” He possesses an air of frivolity and doesn’t shy away from taking risks. His constant smile makes it difficult for people to discern his true feelings. He won his current position by wagering against fate itself. He views life as a high-stakes, high-return investment, and he plays this particular gamble with masterful ease.

When it comes to his combat capabilities, he is a limited 5-star Imaginary Preservation unit. While he has extra synergy with Follow-Up Attack units like Dr. Ratio and Topaz, he is flexible enough to fit into any team as a solo sustainer.

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