Keep Your Patients Alive in Two Point Hospital With These 5 Tips

Keep Your Patients Alive in Two Point Hospital With These 5 Tips

Two Point Hospital is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in under a week! On February 25th the doors of your hospital will open to hordes of patients, and it is up to you to design and manage a beautiful and functional establishment. . Two Point Studios’ Brand Director, Craig Laycock, and Community Manager, Mark “Steggs” Steggall, are experts in playing Two Point Hospital on consoles and today, they are sharing their five (vital) tips to achieve hospital management greatness:

Two Point Hospital is the spiritual successor to the wacky Theme Hospital, Bullfrog’s seminal 1996 management sim that made putrefied boils and vomiting bugs into an art form all of heir own. For those of you that haven’t taken a trip to the infirmary at Two Point then you’re in for something of a treat. Players taking on Two Point hospital on a console can build their own healthcare empire in the county of Two Point. Anybody taking on the local outbreaks will need to build their hospital, staff it, assign resources, cure patients and train staff. Every hospital has a myriad of options to tweak from, allowing every player to customize their hospital for a particular situation and client. Of course, you can’t expect the usual run of the mill athlete’s foot here. Two Point is awash with unusual diseases from Light-headedness to Cubism. Each and every illness will need a particular treatment, with some requiring a very specific set of research to cure. The base game includes a total of 119 unusual illnesses to explore and research.

Check out the official site of the game to learn more!

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