Kena Bridge Of Spirits Gets A Release In August

Sony’s Stat of Play update landed last night and Kena Bridge of Spirits has a release date and a brand-new trailer.

Kena Bridge of Spirits finally got a release date as part of last night’s State of Play update by Sony. This charming adventure that looks like a Pixar movie come console game was one of my own personal highlights of early PlayStation reveals and I’m just as excited as you probably are to find out that that Ember Lab’s latest title will land on 24 August 2021.

While release date details aired at the end of the latest trailer, Kena Bridge of Spirits is not just coming to the latest generation of consoles. Instead, it will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 thanks to a free next gen upgrade, as well as the PC. When it goes live on the PlayStation and the Epic Games storefront you can expect to shell out a paltry $40 for the standard edition and just 10 dollars more for the deluxe edition. The Deluxe version will add a digital soundtrack, an in game skin, and a unique staff to the bundle. Additionally, it looks like pre orders also get in some cosmetic hats for the game’s spirited little companions.

While you can check out more about Kena Bridge of Spirits by watching the absolutely stunning trailer, this stylish looking experience is a narrative-driven action-adventure with plenty to like. The story finds young spirit guide, called Kena, exploring a magical world and helping souls move between worlds. Along the way you’ll combat malevolent forces using Kena’s abilities, bow, and staff all while collecting spirit companions called the Rot.

There’s not a huge amount more information but you can be sure we will be getting into this as soon as we can, so keep checking back for more from the State of Play on Gamespace.

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