Kingpin: Reloaded announced for consoles & PC

Kingpin: Reloaded

Fans of good old Interplay and 3D Realms games will be happy to hear that Kingpin: Reloaded has been announced for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The remastered version of the beloved “crime-themed FPS” will be coming out later in 2020.

The Reloaded version of the game will feature 4K resolution, ultrawide support, and improved graphics. In addition, controller support is being added and the quest and conversation systems have been added to make the game “even better than the original”. Players will have a choice on how they want to play. The game will be available in both Classic and Enhanced versions.

Players take on the role of a bloodied, but not broken, “no-name Thug” who sets out to make his name in “a stylized noir art deco gangland that never was”. With a lead pipe in hand, the Thug is bent on a path of revenge.

“Stalk lamp-lit streets and take down rival gangs to let the Kingpin know his end is nigh. Kingpin’s immersive sim elements allow the Thug to recruit other gangsters with a conversation system. Increase the Thug’s influence through multiple hub-based missions. Run with the gang on a violent warpath with upgradeable weapons including Tommy guns, bazookas, and more. Location-based damage leads to bloody, thrilling battles: kneecap, maim, or go for the head.”

Learn more about Kingpin: Reloaded by visiting its official site.

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