Klondike: A thrilling farming adventure


Klondike: The Lost Expedition is a fantastic free to play web browser game developed by Vizor Interactive. At its core, Klondike is an exciting farm game which incorporates many MMO simulation elements. This game’s story is all about a brave young man who travels to the Blue Peaks Valley looking for his dad who was a gold prospector.

By following the clues to his last known location players will stumble on an old settlement where the Inuit population will offer their help in rebuilding the area.

Starting features

First, you start by designing and dressing your own character, afterward, you start building from the ground up your very own farm and begin producing and harvesting all kinds of crops.

The construction options give you a wide amount of access to new options, upgrades, and items. In this game you can make use of the market: buy and sell items on the trading market.

The Core Game Experience

The core gameplay of Klondike comes around the very definition of a normal farming MMO simulator beginning with the players having to clear up the land, plow the soil, plant flowers, plant all kinds of seeds and raise a wide variety of crops.

After harvesting the crops, you collect gold which can be used in the marketplace or if you choose to you can combine it with other special items to create better farming tools and some quest objects.

The gaming design of Klondike is fresh and filled with many details, players gain experience for almost every action they do.

The XP gained helps you level up and also enables you to buy new structures, upgrades, and tools. Players can also team up or even compete for one against another in small rivalries.


Gathering Resources

Players will have to acquire new items which are used in different situations, for example, you need Chicken Feed to feed your chickens, this will require you to take care of a flowerbed, buy seeds and plant the crops. At the end when it’s harvesting time you can use the fruit of your labor and combine them in the barn and create new chickens. There are however many more items for you to mix and these include fabrics, tiles, and timber which are mainly used in building structures for a new Smithy or Spinnery.

In Klondike the diversity of the items comes from all kinds of different places, some come as raw materials, some become available only after combining certain items.

Your Main Quest

There are many goals to achieve in the game, but apart from competing with other human players in creating the perfect settlement, another goal is to become a great leader for your settlers by meeting all their needs. Other players could choose to fill the Achievement meter and maybe gather many of the available Collectibles in the game or maybe search for all the interesting and unique items that usually come in big sets therefore by gathering all the pieces in the set they will receive a huge bonus.

Some items can also be traded with other human players or presented as gifts usually hoping that they will send a Collectible back in return and maybe, who knows, something that you might be looking for. If no one makes any gift you can embark on various expeditions in order to find as many Collectibles as possible.

The Beauty of Expeditions

This game feature allows gamers to jump on their dog sled and head out into the world towards other areas of the regional map, an important note here is that reaching these places requires a certain type of gear and a certain amount of provisions. The best thing about going on expeditions is that the character can begin harvesting rare items and valuable resources.

There is also a chance to find all kinds of unique items which will help you progress through the storyline. The dog sled cannot carry s that many items, therefore, players will constantly have to go back and forth between your farm and the expedition points.

Klondike is a great game which is free to play, and the story-driven campaign will keep you hooked searching for items and trading new items in the market hours on end. This game has an amazing reward-based system for buying, growing and trading all kinds of unique items.

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