Last Oasis Strides Into Early Access In March

last oasis, the hotly anticipated survival adventure, is set to stride into Steam Early Access on 26 March.

The upcoming survival sandbox, set in a post apocalyptic future, just got a firm start date.  After some false starts and delays to polish up the title, developers Donkey crew are now ready to bring this impressive new sandbox survival to PC. Alongside announcing a date, Donkey Crew also dropped a brand new trailer to celebrate. If you have not had the opportunity to check out Last Oasis yet then you’ll probably have a lot of questions after getting a glimpse of the massive battle, wooden machinations, and some stunning graphics.

The New World

Last Oasis takes place in a world thousands of years in the future and things have not worked out so well for the human race. A cataclysmic event has torn asunder and the earth’s rotation has halted. The resulting poles of the planet are plunged into extreme conditions. The side facing the sun is a scorched mess, while the space facing half of the planet freezes. Only a small strip of land remains habitable along the boundary between either extreme. What little humanity that survived the apocalypse now crawls along this slowly shifting ring as the planet continues to orbit the sun. With limited resources and precious few places to find respite, humanity constructed massive walking cities to follow the sun and fight for survival.

I took a look at Last Oasis back at Gamescom and the title has been on our radar ever since. The team at Donkey Crew might have started out as Mount & Blade modders but their ingenuity has moved things on since then. The stunning graphics, unique aesthetic and dedication of the developers in building a unique world that players want to participate in impressed us. Heck, you can make your character sing and the game isn’t even available to purchase. Most importantly, however, you also get to build massive woodpunk battleships that walk the desert and leave your enemies to the sandworms.

Last Oasis is coming to Steam Early Access on 26 March. Check out the official Steam Store page now for more detail and to wishlist the game.

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