Lowain Joins Granblue Fantasy Versus In New Trailer

Granblue Fantasy Versus

Not content with bringing some of our favorite animated characters together for a cross tag battle last year, Arc System works are busily reinventing the Granblue RPG franchise for the fighting arena. Due out later this year, Granblue Fantasy Versus just got a second trailer and a brand new contender for this brawler.

Set to launch on the PlayStation 4 console, Granblue Fantasy Versus is a step in a new direction for an RPG that began life on Android and iOS devices. The latest iteration of the franchise takes the turns out of battle and brings a slightly more hectic set of battles as it transitions towards a traditional 2D fighter. Designed for both novices and hardcore fighters alike, Arc System Works Granblue Fantasy Versus adventure promises lots of recognizable action from the Granblue Fantasy series and more than a few faces that fans will have seen before.

The latest trailer, just below, for Granblue Fantasy Versus confirms that Lowain will join the roster for this fighter. Situated about halfway through the trailer below, alongside his pals Elsam and Tomoi, Lowain is a carefree troublemaker who pretty much just lived to goof off until he had a run in with Katalina. Now he can be found chasing after love and causing a ruckus, wherever he and his comrades go.

While we don’t have a great deal more information about the release date, final roster, or format of the final game, you can be sure that as an Arc System Works game t will have plenty of fan service, furious combos, and fists. If you want to find out more about Granblue Fantasy Versus, check out the official website now

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