Lyida Brings A Fragile Childhood Tale To Switch

Based on developer Platonic Partnership’s own memories of childhood, Lydia is about to bring a tale of childhood trauma to Nintendo Switch.

Following in the same vein as war bound tales of woe, such as Valiant hearts and 11-11, this narrative tale takes a look through the eyes of a troubled child. Following the fate of a little girl, living with alcoholic parents this experience is bound to address some serious issues when it hits Switch on 17 January.

The Second Turn

Originally released over two years ago, this particular version of Lydia takes on the same difficult subject matter and adds a special DLC for the Nintendo Switch. Courtesy of publisher Nakana, the new DLC and the original game allows players to control Lydia, interacting with a range of other characters in this world. The mood seems fairly somber, as you might expect, but a range of potential paths will unfold as the game progresses. This title asks the player some difficult questions. Just imagine how a little girl full of imagination perceives a tormented family dynamic or how you can fight a monster you can’t see?

DLC, you offer to Lydia a coloring book of monsters that she can paint with happy vibrant colors – as a metaphor to making monsters less scary, both in-game and real life.

Lydia is looking to do more than just educate us all, however. The new DLC addition will serve as a donation system to support the non-profit organization Fragile Childhood. This is a Finnish NGO working in the fields of substance use and mental health in close cooperation with treatment providers The cost of purchasing the DLC will ensure that net revenues are distributed and the split updated over on the official Nakana website. Sometimes video games are about more than just blowing up your opponent or playing with the biggest streamer, sometimes they can serve to educate. Lydia is out soon on the Nintendo eShop for just $4 or local equivalent.



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