MainGear Reveal The LIV Ventilator

maingear liv

Maingear is probably better known for its top tier custom gaming kit but today the manufacturer unveiled the LIV ventilator, an entirely different type of rig.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has swept its way across the world, the hunt has been on for a cheap and easily available solution to the current shortage of medical ventilators. Custom PC manufacturer Maingear has just unveiled its shot at crafting a solution to this problem using off the shelf parts. Located just outside New York, Maingear has turned its own manufacturing facilities to the task of fitting together this newly designed medical ventilator and it looks pretty impressive.

While I’m more used to talking about the mechanics of key switches and cooling materials, it seems Maingear’s engineers and some highly qualified medical professionals have put together something that stands head and shoulders above the bag pump hack jobs of some other supposedly hi tech firms. The Miangear LIV has been specifically designed to fight the Coronavirus outbreak and features an easy to use touchscreen interface that displays patient vitals. More than this, the LIV includes the ability to control oxygen concentration, inspiratory pressure, and provide PEEP to a patient, allowing the lungs to stay inflated and recover from the impact of pneumonia. This makes the Maingear attempt something more akin to a hospital system than a handbag.

Maingear is currently trying to get the word out among healthcare professionals on the East Coast to get these distributed as quickly as possible. If you want to learn more about the Maingear LIV or share the details with the locals then head over to the LIV website now to check out its credentials, and no you cannot order it with RGB.


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