Marvel’s Avengers – Updated Roadmap for July

Avengers - Updated Roadmap for July

The developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montréal have taken to the official site of Square Enix to provide the updated July roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers.

A few things have been moved around in accordance with the development need and players’ feedback. Patrol Mode is being moved past the War for Wakanda expansion that will be arriving in August. Instead, players will get access to a slew of new content: Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion, multiplayer Mega Hives, and the ability to play as multiple of the same Hero as a permanent feature.

The devs want to focus on end-game content before the expansion releases, which means getting the first OLT and multiplayer Mega Hives in July.

Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion will be the toughest content to date when it releases in July, which culminates in a chaotic fight against the Super-Adaptoid – this time, with astonishing new abilities. Multiplayer Mega Hives will also see an increase in difficulty, but will take less time to complete due to cutting the number of Heroic Gauntlets required in half (from 8 to 4).

Due to the players’ feedback, the team is also permanently turning on the ability to play multiple of the same Hero during matchmaking and when forming Strike Teams.

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