Muse Dash x Groove Coaster Bops Into View

Muse Dash, the cute rhythm clash from X.D. Network is set to press play on a crossover event with Japan’s iconic Groove Coaster franchise.

Starting tomorrow the new Muse Dash x Groove Coaster collaboration event is set to bring a new groove to the cute charm of Muse Dash. As players scroll across PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch they will have the chance to experience a whole new range of challenges and a brand new character linked to the Groove Coaster series. The new character, Navigator Yume from Groove Coaster, is the first entirely new character to enter Muse dash. As a result, this seems to be an adequate excuse for a ton of extra content too.

Gamers picking up Muse Dash for a toe-tapping time will get to play through a new music pack. While we haven’t heard the new tunes, we expect that it’ll pay homage to the Groove coaster sound that fans of that franchise will be accustomed to. In addition to new music, the Muse Dash x Groove Coaster collaboration event adds in a new illustration, and a new stage with plenty of Groove Coaster influenced aesthetics.

If you haven’t tried out Muse Dash before then this cute rhythm title sweetened us up when we tried it out back in 2019. Mixing easily accessible mechanics with catchy tunes and a bright aesthetic, X.D. Network has a great pick up and play title that gamers can grab without being nickeled and dimed by microtransactions. You can check out more about Muse Dash x Groove Coaster crossover over on the official Muse Dash website or just download it on PC or mobile tomorrow then the event kicks off.

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