Mystery Match Village Launches for Mobile Devices

Mystery Match Village

Outplay Entertainment has announced the continuation of the long-running Mystery Match series with today’s launch of Mystery Match Village for mobile devices. The game is now available for iOS devices via the App Store and for Android via Google Play. The game brings back series favorite Emma Fairfax who returns to her hometown only to find it embroiled in more than a few mysterious happenings.

The game delivers players a unique experience with a number of features players will find in AAA titles. These include:

  • Episodic content and memorable characters – Released every eight weeks, episodes include new characters and storylines that evolve the overall plot and expand the village.
  • Engaging match-3 gameplay – Highly polished puzzle gameplay with over 40 unique mechanics and 400 levels introduced at launch with 100 more levels to be added in each new episode.
  • Hidden object searches – Replayable hidden object searches include storyline clues for the crime scene and offer rewards for completion. Hidden object searches become more challenging with each replay of the scene. Master scenes to unlock and earn exclusive rewards.
  • Earn stars to renovate the town – Each episode focuses on a new location in Kingsfall. Through match-3 gameplay, the village can be renovated and customized with visual upgrades.

Learn more about Mystery Match Village by visiting the App Store or Google Play.

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